Women & Medieval Science Crossword Puzzle

ACROSS CLUES1. In medieval warfare, women acted as battlefield __________. 7. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance10. Leftover from volcanos 11. German Airline 12. American Auto Association abbr. 13. Weight unit in English system 14. 49th state 15. Broadway play: __ Time for _______.17. In medieval times, people were interested in the after life, not ___ ______. 18. Nurse abbr.20. Chemical symbol for cesium 22. Electron volt abbr. 24. Water clocks kept time at _____.26. Highway abbr. 28. Symbol for titanium 29. French eye: l__ __ __ l 30. Not yes32. Email address for Medieval literature festival 34. Swedish actress: _____ Anderson36. Maria the Jewess an alchemist invented: _________ boiler. 38. Chinese dumpling: hom _____.39. Element named for the Rhine river abbr. 40. First initials of Lawrence of Arabia 41. Female principal of Chinese philosophy 42. Famous medieval woman physician from Salerno.43. Students at U. of Bologna learned anatomy from wax_______ of Anna Manzolini, prof of medicine.

via Women & Medieval Science Crossword Puzzle.


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