The Selected Writings of Christine De Pizan


The poetess Christine de Pisan spent most of her life in the court of the French king Charles V because her father was the king’s astrologer. Her writings expanded beyond just the theme of courtly love, or love of a nobleperson who does not return the speaker’s affections.  She also wrote a biography of Charles V, as well as works championing women in a time when that was very unusual.

Christine married the king’s secretary and began writing when her husband died just ten years later.  Most of her early poems have a theme of love lost. Her poetry became so popular that she developed admirers among some of the most powerful people in Europe. Her final work, Le Dite de Jehanne de Arc, was a celebration of Joan of Arc’s victories written two years before Joan’s death. This work by Christine is the only French-language work celebrating Joan of Arc that was written during her lifetime.

The Selected Writings of Christine De Pizan Norton Critical Editions: Christine de Pizan, Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski, Kevin Brownlee: 9780393970104: Books.


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