Broccoli with Garlic Recipe

Garlic Queen and the King of Garlic...Garlic C...

Garlic Queen and the King of Garlic…Garlic Cook-Off (Photo credit: pixieclipx)

മലയാളം: Garlic

മലയാളം: Garlic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am doubtful about all of these recipes this far! Yet? I am in search for the perfect  broccoli with garlic.  It’s easy to just steam it or keep it perfectly green with a plethora of methods.  Alas, there is a ditty of notes I am not going to rest until I find the perfect flavor and method.  Chicken essence sounds a bit eerie to me!  Cooking in a wok where the metal has carbonized is like some kinda mythical Sir Lancelot sword or Samurai perfect warrior.

 Getting the wok into this zen zone of heat and perfect  carbon steel seasoning.  My Dad explained that cooking in a wok is like playing a Jazz  xylophone.  Each part of the wok is a different temperature.  If  you put the lid to steam versus simply  fry.   Using the wok is  having some of the highest fire power for fuel in cooking vegetables  at such high ratios combining the elliptical shape of the wok changes everything.  The fire is directly on the wok to such a degree that European and American  ranges can never compare.   The high heat maintains a beauty in color with sensual textures.  China’s 5,000 year old ingenuity  is  at the Apex of health and flavor.  The vegetables retain their nutrition.   My Dad loved to  cook however eccentric it seems with Hawaiian Chinese Chefs and also Cooks from New Orleans during training for the US ARMY for the canteen.

i brought his own woks.  Cooking with man cultural styles in one?  French Acadian to Hawaiian fire woks with Mongolian spiced oils. Very exciting?  You need goggles like an aviator to create these spice mixtures as the decibel of chili heat can actually be pretty radical.  I love to make my own spiced oils.  Most of my recipes and research were lost with the Welfed Network’s crash where I was a weekly contributor.  Using a crock pot to slow cook spices into sesame, grape, camellia, evoo to coconut enhances the flavors for drizzling your finished dishes.  Just the same?  The simple Italian broccoli with garlic is what I am after.

English: The fractal shape form of a Romanesco...

English: The fractal shape form of a Romanesco broccoli. Français : Une tête de chou Romanesco et sa forme fractale. Photo prise avec un appareil Canon D-60 équipé d’un objectif 18-135 mm IS de même marque. Español: Forma de fractal de un brócoli Romanesco. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chinese name: 蒜蓉西兰花 suàn róng xī lán huā Characteristics: it tastes cool, refreshing, crispy and tender, with healthy green color. This is a home-style dish using simple cooking methods. Broccoli is a very notorious vegetable but with low heat. In addition, it has the function of preventing and resisting cancers. Hereunder is just the common cooking way of Broccoli with Garlic for your reference.The Chef from Hawai

via Broccoli with Garlic Recipe.


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