Iron Chef Morimoto!

My personal snap shot when I met my fave Iron Chef!

·My personal photo of Iron Chef Morimoto with two nice ladies I met!Where Morimoto might just even be spied, playing base ball below restaurant Buddakan on 9th ave, with his staff between lunch and dinner. That’s just in between swiftly slicing one egg of caviar into a minutiae of near invisible black diamond carats, or perhaps a salmon roe plump becomes a fire ruby which adorns your sushi. It is not only my unwavering love of the Iron Chef show, by all sources Morimoto was quite the star of the “New York Taste 08″ with his making Modern Japanese cuisine appear so easy? word is he was asked for the most photos and autographs tooHis personality was as happy, sweet, and even a bit of a prankster with his signature “Chawan Mushi” Usually a warm savory custard made with steamed in the tea cup coddled eggs, sake, mirin, gingko, chicken, shitake and shrimp offered in a covered tea cup. My Grandmother Seiko used to make it, and so did my Mom. His was made ever so delicate instead with foie-gras. A high fashion foie-gras mini-mushi! Little starling savory shooters nearly. Oishi-kata!!! That means xoxo extra yummo. in JapaneseI am so proud to say that I finally got to meet Iron Chef Morimoto! As did many others find him the star! yet, he is my extra favorite Iron Chef, esp. from the original show in Japan which became a cult-hit here and inspired “Iron Chef America!” Iron Chef French is ultra-chic too! I actually got to chat with Iron Chef Morimoto about Bobby Flay! If Bobby Flay were there too? I think I would have fainted. I adore them both! Yeah! About now, I am finally able to write…. because for the last few days I have simply been whirling, near weeping in my reverie of The Grande Dame Big Dipper Day of tastes!,/b>

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