Why to fast and pray?

Wolf Suschitzky, Tenements London, 1936

This photo makes me draw a line of unbroken chalk back to the Victorian era of extreme poverty for the Irish like perhaps my Grandmother was. In My favorite book called The Tea Rose?  A woman of substance emerges in spite of astounding obstacles.

Why do we fast and pray?  I think a lot about these artful ways to become closer to the source.  To petition the Lord with prayer strangely reminds me of the song by THE DOORS.  “You cannot petition the Lord with prayer”  the stern Jim Morrison exclaims or is it as women’s voice?  I can’t recall.  Yet?  The poor and the most starving often are the most inventive, resilient and triumphant. Out of the magic hat of poverty languid birds fly thru the air like a Chanel shawl made of sweet soft feathers.  The imagination is our most dizzying and valuable asset.  Why would the idle rich awaited to simply be served and entertained need use of this precious commodity.

I would like not to be so poor, yet I am!

The poor like the hungered petitioner to God seeks grace. During a fast we no longer depend upon even our imagination.  We stop to acknowledge even this too, never belonged simply to us.  An immaculate pop korn machine with seeds germinated by divine fire. We are driven to the brink of the essentials. It staggers the mind.  We close all the web pages and erase our surfing history during a fast.  Particle theory and synapses play the cosmic maracas and whistle the hearts harmonics.  If scientists have proven that trees with branches of neurons and electric blossoms take place when we think?  If it takes a plethora of brain mapping to build a new habit, hence we are groggy and foggy until these internal routes are laid.  Perhaps fasting primes the divine canvass for heavens hands to paint?

We live in a time where we are Gods, and like a typical CEO he blames all of his underlings anytime there is an error. Our thoughts are only our own or are they?  Once upon a time in China….  If one man had a prophetic dream whilst asleep?  Another could buy his dream and sell it to the Emperor. Dreams were actual substantial viscera. Do our thoughts think us or do we think them?  During a fast I find that it cleans up all the open webpages and cleans up the registry.  During prayer isn’t it possible that we invest in the collective consciousness or great mind of all minds forming routes to and from divinity.

How truly rich are those closest to the immeasurable imagination of God.

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