When I was young by Eric Burdon and the Animals

I thought Eric Burdon was the coolest when I was 7 years old.  I still do.

Another tribute to my life growing up in a military family.  The main component which rubbed off on me based on military training was my Father’s obsession with how he ran the kitchen.  You would be in the proverbial woodshed if you did not wash the dishes as you went a long.  Pretty much most of my Father’s wisdom which rubbed off on me has to do with his philosophy of cooking.  For example if you cook two pies and one  taste better than the other?  Then you probably should have only cooked one!  Meaning don’t expand your enterprises in business or relationships if it makes you compromise on quality.  His main motto was “Stop trying to be a big shot, just be a little shot and get the job done”  It’s terribly wise, why defend this huge ego when you can have a smaller one and have a lot more free time.  he he…  Eric Burdon personified being cool and having this psychedelic country thang.  To prepare for peace, prepare for war…  To prepare for war?  Prepare for peace?  Maybe Spill the Wine is my favorite song by them?  Yes, definitely.


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