ONE & SUPP: Time Life Books / Headcheese

Thank’s to Molly for this reblogging. I’m not a big meat eater but this is a classic photo from a wonderful cookbook I cherish.

Time Life Books / Headcheese

In the 1970’s Time Life printed a 28 volume set of cookbooks entitled, Foods of the World; each volume dedicated to the culinary heritage of a country or geographical region. There are amazing recipes in each but also historical and cultural explanations of the the given culinary landscape (M.F.K. Fisher wrote the Cooking of Provincial France volume). Some are better than others but each is a gem in its own right. Ultimately it is the incredible images that make them invaluable. We’ll be posting our favorite images sporadically until we run out, but that probably won’t be for anytime soon. Given my recent Headcheese adventure I thought I’d start with this image from American Cooking: Creole and Acadian of a butcher holding Headcheese as well as some piggies from The Cooking of the British Isles.

via ONE & SUPP: Time Life Books / Headcheese.


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