Tongue twister, Basil Tomatoe cleanser

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Tomato and Basil Cleanser

Cold-pressed Tomato Soup
1 kg ripe Roma tomatoes
25 grams caster sugar
25 ml Champagne vinegar
1 cup cold water
salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste
Basil ice cream balls, to serve

Place the sugar and vinegar into a small saucepan and bring to the boil – then reduce by two-thirds to form a thick syrup. Set to one side.

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I am often imagining delicious treats to push the up button on the palate elevator whilst tasting teas.  Yesterday, I wished that I had some delightful sorbets which should mainly consist of fruit and sugar acids to cleanse the palate or they really should say prime the palate.  I remember when playing the clarinet and goodness knows trying to play the alto saxaphone, that ones reed must be primed.  Otherwise all of my notes would squeak, squawk horribly like the Robein bird surgery below! Whilst teasing the palate it is most akindred in spirit.  Tea tastings take on this faux monastic temperament.  Paltry bread or simple wheat or water bisquits are eaten by novices to asertain the precious notes and flavors present in so-called tea aficionado tastings.

It’s very funny because the most rediculous concert of atonal jazz I managed to survive was a clarinet solo which was reed-less.  The bright idea of so-called avant garde music.  There was no sound but the shriek of the emperors new clothes.

What I have noted is that flavors behave quite in concert.  If I eat soup with Szechuan pepper oil my tongue feels as if it had listened to the Supremes or Aretha Franklin to Maria Callas!  It astonishes ones flavor sensation. There is a mouth watering that is of the umami 5th flavor spectrum.  I am not sure what counterpoint in flavor notes it most augments?  This is a good question!  I could taste everything with more sensitivity after.

The other interesting observation I have noted is that sugar is often used as a face and skin scrub.  It changes the PH value of the skin.  Hence, subtle fruit acid sugar compositions lie the tomatoe basil might work very well with a Wu-yi smoky tarry plum effusive oolong.  I would choose a honeydew sorbet with a Darjeeling as the linalool  and acidic composition with basil might clash.   Here is a pretty tomatoe which might also pair well as a cleanser with a lovely Hou kui green.



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