Just another Film Blog “The Mad Swan”

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A Mad Swan.  Yes, a mad swan is what I remember.  No, I can’t really explain why because I don’t know.  Something about a staged story of a fake poacher and a swan.  A very, very mad swan.  Like, really mad.  And if swans don’t really do it for you, the world famous squirrel and dog duo make a most welcomed appearance.  But I digress: Fox Movietone News Story 14-633 reels 1 and 2.  Title: Mad Swan in Tanglewood.  Date: May 22-23, 1932.  Location: Tanglewood, Long Island, New York.  These things will always compose some strange memory of a place far, far away with the acronym MIRC which kind of sounds like my boss’s name, Mark.

“DID YOU KNOW!?” fact time: Did you know that swans were almost extinct in the US during the 1930’s?  A lot of protection measures were apparently taken to preserve their population.  And there you have it:  Mad Swan in Tanglewood from 1932 is exactly what they did in that decade to protect the near extinct species of birds.  They purposefully pissed them off – until, on this fateful day, the swan was like, “Okay, one day I will come back in the form of millions and kill you all.  Prepare for swan war!  Also known from this day forth as SWAR WORLD I!”  Be warned.  I also learned when researching for this blog that swans do not attack humans without a given cause and that they have the ability to recognize a person that has been nice to them in the past.  Please, I beg you to remember this.  It could mean your life.

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