Yoko talking to the sky

Surprise, Surprise (sweet Bird Of Paradox)), lyric by Yoko Ono

from the songs album unknown

Anne Francis with birds

“there’s a break ev’ry time, there”

-“no, oh, i thought it was you, sombody was hangin’ over, maybe a foot on the pedal or something”
-“well, would you do it, jim? eh, i don’t know what you do it on…..yeah!”
-“.one, one, two, three, four”


Sweet as the smell of success,
Her body’s warm and wet.
She gets me thru this god awful loneliness,
A natural high butterfly.
Oh, i, i need. need, need her.

Just like a willow tree,
A breath of spring, you see.
And, oh boy, you don’t know what she do to me,
She makes me sweat, forget who i am.
Oh i, i need, need, need her.

Well, i was wond’rin’ how long this could go on,
On and on.
’cause i thought i could never be surprised.

But could it be that i bit my own tongue?
It’s so hard to swallow when you’re wrong.

A bird of paradise,
Sunrise in her eyes.
God only knows such a sweet surprise,
I was blind, she blew my mind,
Think that i, oh, i love, love, love her.

– “stay on your d! – d! – stay there. hey!”

Sweet, sweet, sweet,
Sweet, sweet smell.
Sweet, sweet, sweet
Such sweet, sweet,
Sweet, sweet smell.

– “ok, thank you! stop! let me just check it”


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