Andean prayer bundles and quantum physics.

Andean prayer bundle

I am just as easily persuaded by pseudo scientific lingo to enhance new age experience of ancient cultural practices such as the Andean prayer bundles.  Alas, how beautiful a mojo recipe. Life is such a mystery.  I am a skeptic all the more suddenly of so-called science than I am of my own laboratory, which I call ” The proof is in the pudding”  If  it tastes good than I am a believer.  The mysteries of why when one person follows exactly the same recipe with exactly the same ingredients can have a dramatically different flavor effect?  Maybe it is the cosmic energy fields, duh?   We all know what attraction is and when we are in our zone.  Affinity towards poetic ideas and enrichment of the hearts desires, like  my tea affinity and praying my rosary,  need suit no other and that is my philosophy.  Alas I pray we all find our land of the sublime and it’s transcendental bliss.  What is the Quantum mojo, I really don’t have a clue, however the seeker only knows when his prayers are answered.  

Creating the prayer bundle is not only a beautiful spiritual practice, but also very much a ceremony of quantum physics.  It reminds us that we are no longer living in a strictly Newtonian universe where we are separate from and confined by the laws of nature; where our material world is separate from the spiritual world and the mind and body are distinct and separate from the soul and the spirit.

The prayer bundle, like quantum physics, is all about fields of energy and the invisible luminous threads that connect everything to everything.  We interact with this field and are participating in and are an integral part of all creation. There is no separation between the subconscious and the conscious. The mind-body-soul-spirit is a unified system.

via New Science « Addiction Recovery and Healing Center Blog at The Sanctuary at Sedona.


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