Interview with Kazuhiko Hasegawa | Eigagogo – Exploring Japanese Cinema

n “Man like a Devil”, Kenji Sawada plays a role similar to his character in “The Man Who Stole the Sun”: a criminal facing his own mortality.

The lead characters are male, and distinctively, those characters are driven by strong emotions and eventually become criminals.

In my mind, I maybe feel like I want to become a criminal. It may be too much to say “I want to become a criminal”, so maybe I want to become a juvenile delinquent (laughs). I’ve always been attracted to characters who break rules and norms. Basically, I probably don’t believe in rules established by human beings and society. Don’t you think a phrase like “everyone is created equal” is a big lie? Human beings are born under different conditions and that means equality is not secured even for a newly-born baby. Furthermore, most rules are designed to work for people in power, and do not necessarily work for people without power. So, it’s totally okay for me, a person without power to take any illegal action if the action is to fight back against people in power. On the other hand, I cannot turn a blind eye if people with power take certain action to defeat people without power, whether those actions are legal or not.

via Interview with Kazuhiko Hasegawa | Eigagogo – Exploring Japanese Cinema.

A striking visual for “The Man Who Stole the Sun”, Kenji Sawada is holding a hand-made atomic bomb. The poster somewhat reminds us of Prometheus and Icarus from Greek mythology


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