Sally O Malley and I’m so glad I’m 52!

I had a good life, and don’tcha know, I didnt even know it.

When I turned 50 I remember this was my theme song, and it was the sameweek I met the late Jorg.  Well, some may imagine all I do is pray all day with my rosary and don’tcha know that’s what I should be doin!  When I was a wee *8 years old, I was dancing all around to my favorite band then called “Cream” and I always loved Eric Burdon cos he was always so passionately screaming about something and you can relate to that when your a wee lassie!  I would try to put  these songs on when my Dad was at work and when he was home, oh no he was a drill Sargent litterally and we were not allowed to touch his records without stealth special operative training…. How to clean the diamond needle, how to set the diamond on the vinyl so sweet like licorice.  Well, I was the youngest and the most terrified of my scratching one of his precious albums.

He loved these albums so much that he took a job working at the HI-FI engineers.  Those mad scientist glass pure Frankenstein like tubes with voltage.  I was so shy, and so afraid to hear a scratch that I would hold my breath and lift up the needle so gently, hoping it would start at the very beginning of the songs.  Alas, as a 7 year old?  I could not figure out which album was for example “Blood Sweat and tears”   I snuck around and when he was gone I thought i had found it!  The hit single :What goes up, must come down…                                                                                                                                                    I found an album and it said “The Black Watch!’  In a little girls mind, wheels turning?  Blood, Sweat, Black Watch?  hmm…  This must be it!  So, holding my breath, I lift the needle, it’s 4pm after school and he comes back home by 5.  So I only have a small window to jump around dancing and play with the drum sticks and bang on his drums, toot the saxaphone and wreak havoc.  I set the needle down and a blaring winny?  A strange sound  like a swarm of fighter bees?  For heavens sakes it was bag pipes!  Some Celtic music my Dad collected.  Oh Jesus, Mary and Johosephat …..!  I missed my chance and now I must like a little librarian at age 7 then how to put it back without my Dad finding out…  Oh no he is home early!  Well, now I am 52 and damn it I am glad!  Glad I grew up with real music, vinyl and real instruments with big bands and real arrangements.  Thank’s Mom and DAd!  Here is my favorite Sally O Malley, when I’m not praying my rosary.. he he… But don’tcha know I should.


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