Nice Cave is in LOVE HELL

i envision he is a very witty fellow.  or when johnny cash talks about a boy named sue, he really meant him. haha

Truth is he is hard to turn off.  you wonder what is he gonna say next?   hence, we love him don’t we?

The real Nick Cave here?

Ever wonder what the reference to the bad seeds are?  I rather imagine he means the birth of the first analytical thriller about the truly enfant terrible, this very resourceful wretched little girl!  I grew up horrified by this film.  When my poor sister was troublesome he called her the bad seed!  Just awful, he said don’t be the bad seed! She will stop at nothing to win.  Oh heavens your not my child, well my Dad was a rather whimsical fellow and prone to say shocking things!  He held Lenny Bruce to be a true apostle of communications, that being able to be Lenny meant he had truly fought for a country with free speech! haha…  But this is a rather scary seed, singularly odd!


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