Himiko – Queen of the shamans.

Himiko, Himiko….  We all need a personal shaman, especially in the world today.  How fairy tale like these ancient eras seem. If only we could harness those forces today.

Himiko - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Queen of Yamataikoku

Reign 189 CE – 248 CE (59 years)

Successor Iyo

Born 175 CE

Yamatai, Japan

Died 248 CE (aged 72–73)


Burial Hashihaka Kofun (箸墓古墳?) (Nara, Japan)

Himiko or Pimiko (卑弥呼, 175-248 CE) was an obscure shaman queen of Yamataikoku in ancient Wa (Japan). Early Chinese dynastic histories chronicle tributary relations between Queen Himiko and the Cao Wei Kingdom (220-265), and record that the Yayoi period people chose her as ruler following decades of warfare among the kings of Wa. Early Japanese histories do not mention Himiko, but historians associate her with legendary figures such as Empress Consort Jingū, who was Regent (ca. 200-269 ) in roughly the same era as Himiko.

via Himiko – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


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