Spotlight – Emerging Artist Paulina Surys

Spotlight – Emerging Artist Paulina Surys.


3 thoughts on “Spotlight – Emerging Artist Paulina Surys

  1. bortocal says:

    Sorry, You have posted two times the same picture, the second one…

    • dear Bortocal* Thank you kindly! I fix soon* it is the mobile glitch* Paulina Otylie Surys * the photographer: she is simply a mysterious phantasm of enchantment*

    • i hope you are very well Sir Bortocal! i published an interesting excerpt on one take on similarities between Buddhism and our love of tea ceremony and Christianity. think you might be very surprised how knowledgeble our Jorg was on the rituals of the Catholic church. i have seen beautiful photos of him performing ceremonies. i always knew he was a celestial minded being.

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