Dessert recipes: The sweet side of Italy | Life and style | The Observer

peach gelato

Soft touch: peach, wine and vanilla granita. Photographs: Howard Sooley

TThis is reblogged from the cookbook author MR JACOB KENNEDY…  I simply adore these precious simple treasures. Who does not swoon over the poetry of Italian granite ad-hoc made of wine and peaches homemade in your casserole pan? I  want to wear this dish in shimmery mauve Monet organza and crunchy svelte grainy velvet and feel like a peach strega.  Well here is Mr Jacobs fun recipes from Italy* Makes me dream of Fellini. Especially the white powdery angel biscuits?

Giulietta Masina

They strangely in the nonsensical, Proustian tea of tilleul and spongy French vanilla madelline cookie reverie invoke my memory of Nights of Cabiria  is it?  Since I live in Little Italy NYC?  Oh it is all part of that shimmery dream stuff that fills the halloween candy bag part of my fantasy inspiration dept.  I found this clip and it is not the one I wanted from Nights of Cabiria where Giulleta, Fellini’s wife the lead character in her haphazard trusting and free spirited way always gets hornswaggeled . Giulietta’s character is too beautifully gamine and angelic, like a feisty Pippy Longstocking mixed with?  Oh I don’t think there is another soul in all of eternity like Giulieta Masina. Well, I am waxing poetic but here below is a few clips of religious processions in both Coppola’s Godfather and Felini’s Nights of Cabiria  There is a scene where she is wearing a fuzzy white furry Capulet or little cape and carrying a candle.  She is so dreamy, sweet, innocent and full of wonder within the dangers of the world.  I suppose she reminds me of a Little funky deer mixed with Little Red Riding hood.  Somehow her imagination is a perpetual state of grace and consolation.  I believe truly creative souls have that beautiful God-forza  like a special marble serene.  A magic bag of jack in the beanstalk multicolored candy seeds with some chili peppers mixed in. Optimism  and a spice of innocence like vanilla which is never drowned in sorrows, which will reach somehow that goose that lays the golden egg. There is always zany Lucille Ball, yet Lucy never is alone, she always has Ricky. My goodness, I am getting hungry.  Who does not love these two scenes and oh these heartfelt regional desserts.  Clicking on the link below will lead you to some great recipes.

Giulietta Masina in Variety Lights

chocolate giant marble of milk free espresso gelato

Dessert recipes: The sweet side of Italy | Life and style | The Observer.


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