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Lady Alchemical

Animation based on the goddess of Alchemy standing among King Sulphur and a Philosopher.

Collaboration with Andreas Koumis.

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A sharp pin 21.07.12

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Just to carry on my theme of WHIMSY I thought I’d include a few pieces from Paul Villinski. Another example of an artist with a great name to boot (recall Robert Sly, Thaddeus Wolfe, Cindy Flook). Villinski takes things like old tin cans and records and cuts them up (actually quite hard to do if you’ve tried) into butterflies. He pairs the beautiful bright butterflies with old war paraphernalia. Perhaps a comment on how man made objects and ideas fizzle away while mother natures endures.



A very helpful commenter Little Green Pixie has mentioned that these works have similar themes to the WW1 book ‘I never saw another butterfly’. Here’s the Wikipedia link if your interested.

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Diamond hearts

Givenchy HC diamante veil photographed by Martina Hoogland Ivanow

C.S. Lewis We read to know we are not alone.  “You don’t have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body.”


Ever wonder where the word JAZZ came from?

My ears are burning as I write this post. Not only from my mystical ressurection of my love of music. I have been imprisoned in my passion for imagery. Although it is indeed a language impossible to deny, our eyes and how they are emotionally mesmerized, invoking all the senses.  The sense of hearing and music is for my first pharmacy before art came into my life. Music is indeed the universal language. My ears are burning not only because I have been a hi-fi maiden voyage sailing on the R & B to Jazz seas. My ears are burning because long ago I spoke to my Father about Saint Brid and he also aknowledged  her as a goddess.  His mother was the lost untamed schrew of a wildfire appaloosa apparently from Kildare. So, I often wondered if that is why he loved Saint Bridgit?  Come to find out there are a million reasons to lover her and I pray for her intercession almost everyday. She is the goddess and Saint of poetry, smithing of gold to tin. She is the Saint of  the hearth and bride.  Later after my Father went to heaven along with Louis Armstrong and Louis Prima, Charlie Ventura, John Keating, Charlie Parker, Thelonius Monk and hey even Bo Diddley but I am not sure they are all in Heaven but I am sure they get together for lot’s of gigs.  I found out that Saint Bridgit shortly after he passed away was the vernacular for the word ” JAZZ”   Sure there were lots of guessing going on and imaginings.   But sure as Ireland is green, so it seems the term JASS  is Gaelic in origin.  I am happy my Father loved Saint Bridgit!  The home he lived in was bought because of an Irish sweepstakes ticket.  Since his Mother was a wildfire women they forgot to tell him she tried to steal him and bring him on horseback whereever she roamed.  But a brokenheart is a sure muse for many ballads and be bopping hell raising compostions, so I dedicate this post to you Dear ol Dad, I love you and oh it’s also the word for tea!   (photos soon)


The African etymology of jazz was fabricated by a New York press agent in 1917.

  1. Dat Ol’ Jazz – How the Irish Invented Jazz.
    Trace the etymology and sanas of the word JAZZ.(more audio radio interviews are available to here)
  2. The House of FireSt. Bridgid’s Teas (Jass) Heat – the Origin.
    St. Brigid‘s Day. Bridget’s fire (tine) is the thunderbolt (tine caor) of fifth and sixth century Irish literacy. It flashes with the sacred  jazz (teas, pron. “jass,” heat, enthusiasm, and passion) of knowledge.   Tine caor, teine caor, caor thine,  Dineen, pp.163, 1200) The pagan Goddess Brigid’s feast day and the Xtian.
  3. JAZZ – Irish American Vernacular English Baseball words used by Scoop Gleeson in the Sports pages. Jazz appears in print 25 times in the month of March 1913, 24 times in Scoop’s articles.
  4. JAZZ – JAZZ Jasm & Gism as a Source for the Word “Jazz”
    From the Work of Peter Tamony
  5. JAZZ – The Irish and Scots Gaelic Sanas of Fizz, Fizzle, and Sizzle and Teas.
    From Rag to Jazz Like a lexical star the Irish and Scots Gaelic fizz and fizzle are perpetually losing their Teas (pron. chass, jass, or jazz depending on your dialect) means heat, excitement, and high spirit.


Citations, References, and Resources for the Sanas of Irish American Vernacular by Dan Cassidy American Book Award..

Dear Ceaser salad…. I love you!

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