The sea beatle and the number 9

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Sometimes i wonder about the ancient myths?  Greek gods with whims of hubristic curses, blessings and plagues.  Siberian invisible bluebirds of augury.  The cool darting shadows which flash quickly as if a mouse scurried by. When its hotter than July in June persisting at 100 degrees, still there is a damp coolness?  A  chilly bouquet of stars whose perfume twinkles with an oceanic eeriness. Could it be the laughter gurgling of  a lasting echo  of Keto, the insufferably ravenous sea serpent of ancient lore?  Perhaps he is  unraveling  a  saline bolt of cobalt murmuring. Velvet vibratos so rich it’s tides breathe over my eyes with cool navy skies tickling them as theophylline.

Here is an excerpt my turquoise angel channeled into me says the mint green cat.

  This  refers to a prediction by some scientists or madmen called the Blue Emeralds claim by divine channels they have been informed that we  are about to start zero again from nine.  Amphibiousness ends at the stroke of monatomic birth cells…  Blue emerald genius folk here.

“In the monoatomic-crystalline system, you will power the body by Liquid Light. In the old system, you had a sodium and chloride (seawater) medium, known as blood, and floating in it are atoms such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.

What does this mean asks the mint green cat?

In my country pie mind it means that when I was just a little raccoon or chubby bubbling embryo within the saline menagerie of my mothers belly, there must have been ethereal bodies preparing the way for us as a civilization on this plane to advance to a new greener system of monoatomic golden light humes. According to some mystical scientists from the Blue Emerald group. The realms of amphibious birth is going to moon phased out to a solar birth.  In stead of sperm and egg it shall be some sort of electric intercourse ignition.
A HUME?  Well we never asked before when it was a human!   A hume* feline and a hume*canine!  We shall be schwippering ( schwippering means wiggling fish in German) out of the shimmering seas where our fins melt like golden butter in their last tango with the watery bodied seas and become aviary feathery light beings.  Blood will go back to the rubies and it’s phosphorus iron dance of blood. Frankly?  I love this world with it’s leopards spotty and it’s eccentric gentlemen batty?  I’m not sure that I want to become a civilian angel.  I love their golden fur and sharp incisors.  Realms of wine and roses. Alas, I don’t doubt that children have already partially converged upon the systemic constrictions of ether. Photography created the first ectoplasm s of smiles. Soul matter frozen in time now suddenly has replaced 3D.
The motherboard is a samsaric confectionery candy shop of  ethereal  horrors.

Is this the end of  strawberries with a red film of rich tart ketones bursting in our mouths? When we become one with the realms of golden monoatomic beings?  Will there be no longer be hirsute  Siamese vogue models  strutting the cat walk or Elvis the pelvis crooning like a bird of paradise crossed with a  Magyar tiger. number 9 ends? I thought only angels belongs to the more subtle bodies of  non strawberry shortcake juice light?  This is my country pie mind. Oh the green mint cat is smiling again… As if to say oh there are myriads of strawberries and delectable labyrinths of violet sweet grapes. We simply are getting rid of some unapologetic mold and decaying samsaric cheese.

The very idea that life is potentially a series of rhythms, colors and frequencies which create a medium for our existence is pretty splendid.

If my heart were a tooth?  I might need a gold filling after some excessive candy samsaric dreaming. I might very well have a tooth ache. It’s easy to envision detritus when it’s calcification or decay by sugar.  What then is human detritus or is it perhaps more of a soul misshape. It might not be a difficult to envision as we might fear.  What I am really pondering is the origin of disease or call it original sin. Cancer to be specific, I am hoping to unravel some of the emotional soul scarring frequencies which might lead to this disease.  This is where Keto’s the amphibious regime of gorgons,

Keto’s being the Queen of the sea beasts according to Greek oracles. Queen Ketos and her minions of sea creatures malignant to mildly stinging like a jelly fish.Hygiene of the soul?  What is this…. According to the myth of  Andromeda and Perseus.

My day began with the howls of Ketos the sea serpent. I mentioned in an earlier post about my pendant I got when I worked for a while at the Metropolitan Museum here in N.Y.C.  Come to think of it?  I stopped wearing Keto’s when my Father passed away. Keto’s was the punishment exacted by the Greek God


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