Alice in Cancer Land of the gorgons…


“The soul of man does violence to itself, first of all, when it becomes an abscess and, as it were, a tumour on the universe, so far as it can. For to be vexed at anything which happens is a separation of ourselves from Nature, in some part of which the natures of all other things are contained.”

Marcus Aurelius

Origin of  cancerous cellular intrusion and why the immune system fails to recognize malicious attacks.  Alice  falls down the rabbit hole into the sea of tears.

The story of KETOS, Andromeda and Perseus. (simalar to Saint Michael and Saint Georg)s.  Greek myths and which emotions are assigned to which curses?  Elements:  Fire, Water, Earth, Air.

Are there truly Saints whoserealms so precious, are recipes for sapphires,  red velvet roses and glimmering pearls?  Could Saints and Bodhisattva’s chants and choirs ward off chilling spells? Can we tell just how long we have inhabited a science fiction multiverse?

I suppose we must become a sociology and theosophy major to speak on matters like these, yet I doubt there would be any Taoists whom were getting degrees at Oxford or Princeton on philosophy! I really do wonder when it happened though that thoughts and ideas became any different from bell peppers or pineapples?  I wonder sometimes if thoughts are simply like recipes whose ingredients are derivative of a whole?  Therefore, I might saute them and another might roast them….   That there are realms of basic flavors like influences of astrology. 12 planets versus  ingredients such as vegetable, animal, mineral, fruits.   We have Saturn the planet of usury and responsibility.  Gloom, doom, melancholy.

Spinning blue, the celestial mechanics.

Mars the planet of war and action. Neptune the watery planet of dreams.  In this vein ideas are for me simply ingredients from various planets and all we get to do is cook them up in this life. When did sociology or Greek philosophy decide that we invented these so-called thoughts?  If there is a garden where substance of  thoughts grow?  Would not the unconscious realm or during our sleep and default hierarchy need download time and fresh renewal of resources.

I simply do not understand when the human skull or its organ were creators of the primal source of ideas.  Just as tea gardens have gardeners?  Angels and Saints tend to the pest patrol of elemental forces which fuel our minds. We cannot deny that there are decibel of heat or scovil units to hot peppers which feel as if we have lava pouring thru our veins.  There is no attachment to form in the universe and trees tresses resurrect each spring.  This is why I would not dream of asking a fig for advice on marriage?  Why would I ask a human being?  I find it hilarious that we feel thought originate in our heads.

  When did it happen that one group of people had all of these labels and taxonomic vicissitudes.  Therefore, I don’t see why we would not need zoo keepers which are essentially what Saints are!  I am smiling.  There is a period in history where tea was such a precious commodity that there were advanced degrees of scams. Old tea leaves were sold and perfumed.

My next post I am envisioning the incredible council of planetary essences. I am not awfully familiar with the great pantheon of Greek gods. How Jupiter married and the jealousies, politics of the Gods.  Poseidon and Eros?  What happens when the God’s quarrel?  If we are large bodies of mineral spring waters ourselves?  What happens when the tributary flow is blocked and Perseus is too busy to behead the sea monster?  Could it be there is a Pagan meltdown?  When making tea and travelling it’s always safer to drink tea as the natural properties and or chemistry of tea is disinfecting and the hot water is purified by fire.  If I were to purchase a bottle of water from the Fiji islands and it’s seal were damaged?  I could expect that there may be an influx of micro organisms which would make me sick. If our emotions are watery bodies of experiences we keep in the “cloud storage” space like new ether programs….   My emotions could in fact become contaminated with a fungal fog.  If I did not keep my emotional  snap shots in a cloud but in a well of my being? Is it not possible that there may begin to live a snake or a diseased dragon so prevaricating cast into my well from an angry god.  Just as the sea beast sought to destroy andromeda and the gorgans and squid like beings might try to devour one.  If my emotions were left to fester with mosquitos?  The sheer stagnating within this yin pool of ghostly amphibious emotions cause me to shudder. We are surprised when we find a mosquito residing within a chunk of golden amber.  The Jurassic  idea. Imagine how long  traumatic experiences unresolved  stagnate within our smoggy clouds and lakes?  This is where I wonder if a tear in the psyche is akin also to a block in the emotional tributary.  Here is where I begin to imagine pests multiplying uncontrollably without fire of wisdom to disinfect us on a collective consciousness.  Here my friend I feel?  Say hello to cancer. Sympathy for the devil.


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