How i love you lavender? Let me count the ways… ❤ These sound scrumptuous!

Blissful Basil

Patience is most often a virtue but once in a while it’s a lavender macaron.  A petite, pillow-like cookie that is typically so darn pretty one might believe that it couldn’t possibly taste good.  But it does.  It tastes like heaven all wrapped up into two bites.  Of course, tasting heaven is going to cost you.  The fee is nothing short of a lot of time, patience, finesse, and love.  However, if you can afford to put forth these things, a macaron will love you back.

My mom and I spent yesterday planning and preparing for my upcoming wedding shower.  We tested out sweet treats, created pretty paper things, and perused herb-laden recipes.  As neither of us had ever attempted to make homemade macarons before, we figured we ought to give ourselves a trial run before committing to having them on the shower menu.  I’ve never seen my mom intimidated by a recipe, but something about this one…

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