The Golden Age – The Blue Emerald When giants walked the earth.

There’s much much more to this story, as mentioned, and maybe we can also get to it around the fire. This is all Ascended Master stuff, and Montezuma was in touch with guiding “deities” which would have been the likes of St. Germain posing as a native deity. I happen to know “he” did this before to a Ute Indian Chief posing as Towats, the Ute concept for God. See how the circles are closing?

It is often said in books, channelings, I AM discourses, ancient writings, the Akashic, and so on, that in the past we find the future. To spring the Big One on you I have to set it up by describing a little of past Golden Ages. There was one such civilization right here on the Great Salt Lake, 10 minutes from where I live. They possessed the basics of precipitating gold out of thin air, or water, and there is quite a lot of natural gold in the Great Salt Lake. It was so prevalent that it was used for plates, utensils, furniture, mirrors…everything, which is as it should be because gold belongs to all and is such a beautiful and balancing consciousness and of course should not be locked up in the dark vaults of the greedy. I love gold as a dear friend. We’ve done a lot of gold consciousness liberation work, and have resolved the blood and hatred issues to a large extent between the Conquistadors and American Indians through rituals and communications with them and “higher” beings.

Atlantis is a good one to look at for us because so much of it is still in our memories. Atlantis was a Golden Age, the last one, until its “masters” forgot what they were doing and lapsed into typically human patterns and ruined everything, which is The Fall and still our legacy. In Atlantis, deities recognized as deities were in bodies, and the people knew that the “Gods” and “Goddesses” walked among them, just as it was in other Golden Ages which occurred in other timeplanes. One of these deities was experienced by one of our superseers as a “past” life. I always put “past” in quotes because it’s not really true. Those “lives” (which I’ll also put in quotes because it’s equally untrue), didn’t happen in the past, but are happening now.

One day she began to choke on her tongue a bit, and had a feeling come over her. She opened her mouth and watched as an enormous tongue came out, and began to experience herself completely immersively as this twelve or thirteen foot reptilian deity made of emeralds with a brilliant red ruby at the normal location of the reptilian third eye, and her power, grandeur and majesty were honored, revered, venerated, and even feared, by all. When she moved, she could actually hear the quiet clicks and scrapes of the emeralds.

Pandimensional reptilians were everywhere, and in a case of direct experience of a “past” life regression a friend of mine was a strong, ten-foot reptilian envoy standing in a boat on his way to a UN-type assembly of a multitude of delegates representing a multitude of species. My friend, as that reptilian envoy, was typically pissed off in the ultra-male way the reptilians often are, hated humans for their weaknesses and emotions, and was chomping at the bit to give someone a piece of his mind.

As you’re probably well aware, Atlantis harnessed and directed huge power from crystals, including the etheric Platonics and physical cousins in the Earth. It was crystalline power that fueled the translucent dome over the governmental seats. We had very highly evolved technological means to manufacture such crystals and, in some cases, to precipitate them out of the Universal Substance. The Crystal Skulls are a result of this precipitation. This was the power that was most misused and brought about the destruction of the continent, the “official” Fall of Human Consciousness, and the dispersion of its population, and not just throughout the world but a bunch also just up and left the planet. As it would be with a summary description of any civilization, there isn’t any way to generalize the overall look and feel of it, but you could say that all of you did “stints” as teachers, priest-architects, temple and ritual priests and priestesses, technological overseers and keepers, as crystals, elementals, demigods, deities, superbeings of all sorts, what would be considered “aliens” now, cetaceans (whales, dolphins, porpoises), in many cases just through shapeshifting, and everything else imaginable.

via The Golden Age – The Blue Emerald.


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