Summer Flowers

Eccentric tea indeed!

Strange Flowers

After musing on Musidora yesterday, I present to you a few other events occurring around the start of the (northern) summer. Not that I imagine that the geographically scattered readers here are likely to actually get to these things (although I’d be thrilled if you did, and reported back). It’s more that in writing about people who died long ago, frequently in obscurity, it’s heart-warming to know that their secret influence continues to erupt in unpredictable locations around the globe.

Actually one of them is erupting now, in London, as I blog. “A Queer Orientalism: Sex, Power and Cultural Difference in the ‘Memoirs’ of Sir Edmund Backhouse” is the intriguing title of a talk taking place at Birbeck, University of London. Those scare quotes around ‘Memoirs’ aren’t just decoration; the fabulist Sinologist was notorious for faking not just his research material but also his own life story. I…

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