Spinmasters of monotomic crystalline gold. Musical gold made of diamonds?

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The discipline of Monotomic High Spin Metallurgy involves the transmutation of Noble metallic elements into single atomic super-conductive anti-gravitational states.

White powder gold Crystalline form

The ingredients of all matter at & above the atomic level are made up of atoms with electrons that are in fact independent of one another. The total energy of the electron system is the sum of the energies of the individual electrons, or the charge. The term Monotomic Gold refers to elements that have been rearranged orbitally around their elongated nucleus causing the nucleons to stretch & spin. In Monotomic elements derived from the Gold Silver & Platinum Metals, by mutual attraction their electrons bond together, spinning at very high speeds with equal & opposite momentum.

What Scientist have discovered through monotomic high spin metallurgy is that the Noble precious metals are composed of atoms that are not metals at all, & it is only the gluons, the bonds that hold the atoms in place that are metallic. In the case of white powder gold & its ilk, upon completion of the transmutation process it becomes a unique form of silica.

Monotomic Platinum Group Metals are unique in form & function. When these single atom

Monotomic gold

elements found in heavy metals are subjected to extreme heat they become a powder. They include White powder gold, Monotomic Rhodium & Iridium. David Hudson, who rediscovered the alchemical process & holds the patent for these elements, revealed that when these powders are placed on a scale, the scale actually weighs less than before the powders went in. This alluded to the fact that the elements have anti-gravitational properties that can be transmitted to their surroundings. These gravity resistant materials are now being applied to the aerospace industry.

But it is not only the military who are interested in these asymmetrically distorted high spin group metals. Doctors have found when ingested these elements resonate with deformed body cells causing DNA to relax, unravel & correct itself. Consequently the medical fraternity is studying the properties of white powder gold in the application of cancer treatment. David Hudson theorized that the transformation from Gold with metal to metal bonds to Monotomic Gold was due to the electron spin clouds unpacking. As the Metal to Metal Bonds are broken through the various cycles of heating & cooling during the transmutation process, White Powder Gold, Platinum & the other transitional elements go through various changes, transmuting into liquid states before finally becoming a powder.

Egyptian relief at Karnak

It was called ‘an-na’ in ancient Mesopotamia, meaning ‘fire-stone’ and, ‘shem-an-na’ when made into conical cakes, or ‘high-ward fire-stone’. It was said to produce luminous light in a deadly nimbus of lethal rays, while at the same time being the active catalyst to physical longevity. This duality & paradox will come to define the properties of monotomic gold, as scientists discover that they are entering into a brave new world of Hyper-dimensional reality. Throughout its history white powder gold was recognized as having extraordinary powers of levitation, and teleportation.

The attributes of these Monotomic Platinum Group Metals & their capacity as superconductors were also known to the Alexandrians, whom venerated the substance as coming from the heavens even if they did not understand its ability to trans-mutate & defy gravity. Desguised as an allegory of Alexander the Great’s journey to the kingdom of Ahura Mazda, we find a document called the Iter Alexandri Magni ad Paradisum. In this parable of the hero’s journey to meet the Persian god of light, the powder is described as the enchanted Paradise Stone, which had several supernatural properties and was said to outweigh its own quantity of gold even though when in powder form, a feather out-weighed it!

In an antiquated world of levitation, divine intercession, communication with the gods, and priestly antecedence we find the attributes of monotomic elements described in the Biblical Ark of the Covenant, that according to sacred texts mimics the abilities of a modern day super conductor.

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