Sea Monster. Lille 1460. colored drawing. KB 72 A 23

This is perhaps one of Keto’s squid party cohorts. I love the calligraphy of the 1400’s. Sometimes my puppy reminds me of a sea monster and I might add a psychic one!

I became interested in Keto’s when I began wearing a dragon which I bought as a pendant and brooch. I might add it was oversized and then quite a statement. I never really knew who Keto’s was and I was into my elemental Taoist Kung fu and internal Nei-Kung phase. I was studying at the Buddhist brownstone then. Now, I am realizing since my Keto’s pendant is tied onto my camera? I must learn more about Ketos. I am fascinated! Here is a tid bit……
KETO (or Ceto) was a marine goddess who personified the dangers of the sea. She was more specifically a goddess of whales, large sharks, and sea-monsters (Greek ketea). She consorted with her brother, the sea-god Phorkys, and produced a brood of awful monsters : Ekhidna (the Viper), Skylla (the Crab), Ladon (the Dragon), the Graia (the Grey), and the Gorgones (the Terrible Ones).


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