Frontiers of Zoology: Some Late Dragons and Dragon-Slayings

Winged dragons

Some Late Dragons and Dragon-Slayings

While I was on a photo search for dragons, I came across a few interesting illustrations that I thought I should share.

The first illustration is the “Winged Serpent” Wyvern or Gwiber type, shown as if it were an Ouroboros. In this case I thoought it was an important depiction because it is obviously feathered and has a feathered neck, but also thatit is feathered in green and that the long green feathers of its tail have ocelli like a peacock’s tail. The reminisces of Gwibers in Wales mentioned that their bodies were feathered and gaudy. and the feathers resembled peacock feathers. I wrote a blog for the CFZ in which I identified these “Flying serpents” as a sort of long-tailed pheasant-like bird and this looks like the illustration is going right along with the identification. It also seems to have a couple of feather tufts or “Horns” on its head, as some other more usual pheasants do.

The first part of this article was reprinted in Richard Muirhead’s journal FLYING SERPENTS (April 2011) and the part two is now pending. It had been a recent blog entry at that time and one of the first articles on the current blog was a posting on New World Flying Serpents (Amphitheres)which was a follow-up from the CFZ articl;e on Gwibers.

via Frontiers of Zoology: Some Late Dragons and Dragon-Slayings.


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