rose petals:perfume, potpourri+hip recipes

l am still searching for some millefeuille petals of rose from the Grasse region of France.  In my quest for a matteras of roses?  Why not simply dream of another world altogether such as this? I have seen ice cubes and lollipops filled with purple violas. My lollipops a few years back  came out all-reet!  Just like any experience I want to intensify my rose tea infusion into the ultimately intoxicating symphony of rose fragrance of all.  I have had a darjeeling blended with roses from Grasse and it’s lovely indeed. Why is it that France seems to be such an enchanting place suddenly?  I will add a blog of some amazing French women and their recipes with flowers. A softer world.

Left Woodcut of roses in Parkinsons Paradisi in Sole, Paradisus terrestrisand right More roses from Gerards Herbal, or A Generall Historie of Plantes All in all, a huge burst of plant information for the Olde English-speaking world to absorb. These books – with their detailed Prescriptions aka Recipes – were meant to be consulted in the Dis Still Room, which was the center of operations for any provident mistress of a well-ordered household of the time. Amid a fair amount of material which now strikes us as silly, inaccurate, or useless – these arcane texts preserve a glimpse into a world where Woman was solely responsible for the well-being of everyone….. and the ease they enjoyed or the dis-ease they endured. Any time-tested advice must have been welcome – and the Rose was ever held to be a truly nourishing and wholly stabilizing plant spirit.

The chief culinary use of rose Blooms has always been Conserve of Roses, a jam of preserved petals luscious in color and delicious in taste. While fragrant red rose petals an essential have a fairly astringent and acidic flavor, lots of honey – or sugar – gives this confection a sweet spin. It was once recommended for a large number of medicinal applications, but it is really best savored in good health.This slightly liquid Conserve gained great popularity in 13th century France- when the city of Provins, 60 miles SE of Paris in the region of Brie, became famous for making it.”Papa. all the apothecaries of Provins have come to be to beg me to ask you, very humbly to give my company a different garrison-post, because my gendarmes like the Conserve de Roses and I am afraid they will eat it all and I shall have none left. I eat some every night when I go to bed….”The four year old future Louis XIII – writing in 1605 to his father Henry IVOne rose was central to the manufactury of the confection: Rosa gallica, in a form of the species with additional size and extra petals that had been cultivated in the Eastern Mediterranean for milennia.

The religious and cultural clash called The Crusades brought Western man into direct contact with the Near East. Those who were fortunate enough to somehow make their way back home often carried with them marvels from the lands they had tried to conquer – the Red Rose of Miletus not least among them. Count Thibaud de Champagne 1201-1253 – the King of Navarre, called The Chansonnier for his Troubadour lyrics – is believed to have contrived in 1240 to bring living plants of this rose back to his own French countryside.

via rose petals:perfume, potpourri+hip recipes.


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