The Power of Silence

drowing in beauty

It was a light wind that made you turn your head full of curls at that chubby face, eyes full of dreams and wonder. They descended down like a leaf falling from a branch of explaining their huge white wings around your living space. In came a smell of ice and late summer. And time was a shift. Mikael with his sapphire eyes gave you the words and language and put fire in your hands so that you know make them run. Rafael tilting her head let her long hair came down on his chest gave you the sweetness to be applied in the interstices human. That breath made of smiles true, pure heart, strong grasp. Gabriel knelt as the others moved slightly on the right side and opening his hand said: “This is the silence … for you and for others, when the world comes out of its hinges.”
She picked up her little baby gifts and put them in small chest of crystal from the golden key. And gave them each a tear of joy.
Then time moved on and a full scent of spring flooded the room and went through the song.
poetry by gorg plath wipper


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