Tortured Tortillas | Environmental and Food Justice

This looks like a sentimental yet serious commentary on the future of tortillas!


“I will always remember the smells that emanated from the tortilla factories: Dried corn has a special smell right after going through the molino (the grinder) and getting mixed with water and lime to make la masa harina. The tortilla was invented by the native peoples of Mexico well before contact with the European invaders.

This was, unequivocally, a brilliant invention; after all, the tortilla is like a plate that you eat; no mess, no fuss, no washing dirty dishes. It seems like the most sustainable of all foods since it reduces the amount of water one might consume to wash dirty dishes. Think of all the water saved and the lack of detergent in streams or lakes.

Blue-green from Oaxacan dent corn. Courtesy María Inigo.

There are multi-colored tortillas: white, yellow, green, blue, and red. Each is unique in flavor and each is designed with specific recipes in mind: Yellow tortillas for tacos or chalupas (a.k.a. tostadas); red (in Texas) or blue (in New Mexico) tortillas for enchiladas; green tortillas for encilantradas. The colors derive from the corn varieties used (Oaxacan green dent for green tortillas; Hopi blue for blue tortillas) or from the type of chile in the masa mix (red chiles for example).

via Tortured Tortillas | Environmental and Food Justice.


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