Oh my goodness. She is adorable. Buddhism and Catholicism? I know that my Grandmother Tomeko after her coming to America as the first woman to immigrate here as part of a Rinzai Buddhist envoy along with Sokatsu Shaku’s group to San Francisco, later upon return to Tokyo became Christian. She was deeply pitied and criticized by the American Zen community here. My questions prompted an interesting possibility? Buddhism especially in the 1940’s may have been fairly difficult for women. Difficult to speculate. Was it after the atomic devastation she felt a need to assimalate? In my case it is so peculiar yet I shall always be very proud of my Zen Buddhist roots. According to many of the ecclesiastical scholars, Buddhism is not a religion therefore does not interfere nor constitute ” a sin” as I have confessed many times to all the priests, I love the Buddha!

Tiber Swimming

I was unaware of what fertile soil Catholicism has found in Japan, until reading about St. Maximilian Kolbe’s trip to the island nation for the purpose of founding a “City of the Immaculata”, called Mugenzai no Sono (Garden of the Immaculate). More than three hundred years after the martyrdom of the first Catholic (Franciscan) missionaries to Japan, three Franciscans, this time led by Friar Maximilian Kolbe, set out to try to bring Christ to Japan one more time, through Mary. The locals laughed when St. Max placed his monastery on the wrong side of the mountain- how unharmonious! They didn’t laugh after the atomic bombs fell, leaving the sheltered monastery undamaged. God’s provision of His mother’s “garden” was confirmation that the friars of Mugenzai no Sono were to be successful in their mission to spread the Gospel to the people of Japan.

So far I have had no word on…

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