The sweet Life of the Swan* We never see the sweat of the most beautiful Angelic whirls and best of all it is dramatic classics with confection and spice. Bravissima to those cultivated Athletes and danseur*

The offbeat Chronicles of a TuTu with Tea

With only two performances left of the lavish Lady of the Camelliasthe moods, melodies & melodramatic scenes at the ballet have taken quite a turn ~

…think ‘leotard ballets’ and the refreshing (albeit slightly stressful) counts of Stravinsky’s score, as we prepare ourselves for friday’s premiere of the Balanchine & Stravinsky program ~ a fantastic trio of George Balanchine’sApollo, Agon and Symphony in 3 Movements.

I think we are all enjoying the contrast of these two programs which exemplify, almost comically, the antithesis of each other by every means (costumes, sets, music, time periods…) I find and love that the complexity and extravagance of one leaves you humbly content with the simplicity of the other ~ a huge plus of dancing in a Company with diverse repertoire…

…and speaking of diversity….my dear roomie just returned from a trip to India where I humbly begged…

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