Superstitious Tsubaki!

Evil sold – camellia wood An old Chinese custom that has been taken over by Japan and is still partly held as a ceremony is driving away evil spirits with a rod of wood camellias. This was one of the paraphernalia of Buddhist priests to the Edo period. They believed in the secret powers of the camellia, to punish the bad, and to ward off evil.This was confirmed by the story that in 83 the twelfth Emperor Keiko Keigyo a wild tribe in Bungo district pacified because his warriors carried weapons from camellia wood. This has the properties of wood are clear. Camellia wood is very hard, along with fine pores, hard and shiny after processing. In addition to weapons and ritual objects, it was also used for weaving, as well as for the production of tools, agricultural equipment, plates and cups. Combs also dolls and Kokoshi one manufactured from it. Important was also the wood for making charcoal. The high calorific value and the property that the camellias coal burning sparks sprayed, it made for cooking and heating in the then wooden houses especially valuable. Even the wood ash was still useful as a catalyst for the production of purple and saffron colors.

via The camellia collection in Pirna-Seidel Zuschendorf.


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