Famous artist Sandro Botticelli

Sandro Botticelli

Sandro Botticelli grew up in the neighborhood of medieval Dominican convent of Santa Maria Novella where he observed one of the first works of the Florentine Renaissance painting the fresco of the Trinity by Masaccio in Santa Maria Novella, completed in 1427, the first work to apply the laws of central perspective, the lines of the work that converge at a single point, bring a new and unified open space in which the figures are arranged accordingly. People are characterized by a realistic embodiment reveal the growing interest in presenting the human figure emerge again at the time. With its great figures, Masaccio departs from the ideal of late Gothic painting prevailing, and seeks its models in the paintings of Giotto, made one hundred years earlier, his work represents the beginning of the Quattrocento Florentine painting, culminating in Botticelli and his contemporaries, two generations later, in the transition from the sixteenth century.

Botticelli is open to reveal the achievements of the Renaissance, introduced by Masaccio and the late Gothic tendencies (which enhanced the beauty and elegance line of gentle movements of the figures) use the rules of central perspective and studied the sculptures of the Age, whose ideal of the human body is evident primarily in his nudes, and also reveals the grace and elegance of his figures, his approach to the late Gothic style.

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