Studio Dante – The ABC of Paradise

Studio Dante, Firenzi

The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, the Renaissance poet from Florence, is the inspiration for a brand new ABC studio. It introduces you to the Renaissance and its influence on art and daily life down the centuries. Enjoy the renowned paintings and illustrations focusing on the Divine Comedy and discover the impressive architecture of Florence. Do drawings using a perspective mirror, fold your own hell out of paperor make a viewer with Renaissance figures. In our audio station you can listen to marvellous Gregorian chants and polyphonic Renaissance music, and you can write your own love poem in terza rima on the poetry wall. Dante’s Divine Comedy has been a source of inspiration for artists and writers down the centuries. The same goes for Romeo Castellucci, the Italian theatre-maker who is a guest at this year’s festival. In autumn 2008, we invited ABC to convert one of our projects into a studio. The lab opted for Castellucci’s Paradiso and plunged enthusiastically into the fascinating world of the Divine Comedy.

via Studio Dante – The ABC of Paradise | KFDA09.


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